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Kahoot is a web-based inquiry system where you can engage your students quickly with the curriculum.It is very easy to create a game in Kahoot.  If you are not up to creating your own, there are plenty of games to choose from in the public gallery.  The gallery is searchable by title, subject, tag, username, audience, and type of question.  If you like one you find in the gallery, you can duplicate it and make changes to it.  A good way to differentiate is to take a Kahoot, duplicate it, and then modify it for different audiences.  Once you create your own account, you can search the public gallery to find the following quizzes:

  • TCEA ESL Quiz #1
  • TCEA ESL Quiz #2
  • TCEA ESL Quiz #3
  • TCEA ESL Quiz #4
  • TCEA ESL Quiz #5 
  • TCEA ESL Quiz #6

So how do you get Kahoot! on your devices?

Follow this LINK.


  • Students will need to get the game pin number
  • Go to Kahoot.it and enter the game pin number.


***To get started, go to http://getkahoot.com

kahoot free account

kahoot account set up

kahoot dashboard


In the search field, type TCEA ESL and six quizzes with appear.  You can play them from that screen or click the duplicate button.  When you duplicate a quiz you found in the gallery, you can edit and and save it to “My Kahoots” on your dashboard.

kahoot search esl


To play, simply find the game you want and click on the purple Play button.  Then click the Launch button.

kahoot launch

Students will access the game from the browser on their device by going to http://kahoot.it.  They can create a shortcut to it on their device by going to the webpage and saving it to their homescreen.

kahoot on device


Once you launch the quiz, the game pin will appear on your screen.  Share the game pin with your students.  The player number on the left increases for each player who successfully enters the game pin and the nickname they entered will populate the screen.  Some of the nicknames may not be visible.  You can determine when all players are in by the Player number on the left.  When everyone is in, click the Start Now button to begin the game.


kahoot start now

kahoot game pin

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